Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday blessings

It was a joy to celebrate my birthday with such great friends. I went out to Rio Esteban (village across 2 rivers) with Lindy on our motorcycles. We went to meet up with 2 other friends for a lovely lunch on the beach with my favorite Honduran food of pastelitos. It was lots of fun.
Me, Delmy, Lindy, and Karla

Lindy and I on motos getting ready to make the 20 min trip back across the 2 rivers

I had a special dinner with more special friends. We had schiskabobs with chicken and potatoes and chimol (like pico de gallo), and beans. The best part was that I didn't have to do anything...the guys cooked for us ladies. It was a fun night filled with lots of laughter, lots of pictures, and lots of fun.

our chefs

Diana, Calix and I

a little silly dancing fun while waiting on dinner

Diana and I with Jenalyn

showing off our beautiful schiskabobs

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