Sunday, January 24, 2010

Please Pray!

Please pray for a little church in the community of margarita. The church was started as a church plant from patients at the hospital coming to the Lord. It has had a pastor from Guatemala over it for the last two and a half years, but he and his family left in December. This church has really been struggling since the pastor left and really needs prayer. Please pray that the people of this church will just be filled with the Holy Spirit and will strive to keep their church. This church and group of people are very dear to my heart. I was baptized 4 1/2 years ago by this church after witnessing a Honduran baptism. The Lord has really spoken to me here and there is such a language barrier. I would hate to see this church fall apart...please pray for God's spirit to move in His people and for Him to do a wonderous work.

Please also pray for me as I have started at the hospital and been here for just over a week now. I have had alot of things fall in my lap and do not want to become overwhelmed which I have a tendency to do. One of my Honduran employees is leaving and one will be on vacation for the next two weeks. Staffing is going to be really short for the next several weeks. Please pray that we would find a good replacement and would be able to train them in a timely manner. There are many supplies I have to find to order and find a way to get them here. Please pray that I would not get to overwhelmed and busy that i would not have time to spend with the Hondurans outside of the hospital. My desire is to spend as much time with them as possible outside of work time. Please pray I have time to do that and don't get bogged down with the many other things going on.

Thank you for your prayers in advance. Thank you for your prayers for the salvation of the honduran people. Thank you for your prayers against the attack of the enemy especially in this busy time. Thank you for your prayers to our heavenly Father who hears us and loves us.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have arrived!

I arrived at the hospital today after flying in yesterday afternoon. We drove 3 hours from San Pedro Sula (airport I flew into) into La Ceiba last night and stayed at a hotel in the city overnight. After my inital grocery shopping and looking at a motorcycle, I made it out to the hospital earlier this afternoon. After a restless night sleep in the noisy city I am so glad to be out here where it's quite and the only thing that will wake me up is the monkeys and the geckos.

I am trying to readjust to living life in Honduras as it is totally different than the states. I have to remember to throw my toilet paper in the trash...I have to remember to not drink or brush my teeth with the water anywhere but at the hospital...and I am still trying to get used to the bugs...bugs, bugs everywhere! Not to mention the language and totally different culture.

When I arrived in my room, I had to rearrange some furniture to make it more livable. I didnt have a dresser or any hangers for the closet, so couldnt really unpack this afternoon, but had dinner with the Lent family (went to training in KY with them back in August) tonight and they were such a blessing. They gave me hangers to hang stuff and something to hang in the closet I could fold and organize clothes on. I am hoping to get some kind of shelving in my closet this week, whether free standing or built in. I have not doubt they will take care of me. to do some more unpacking then bed and church in am.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tomorrow's the big day

Well, getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Still trying to get my packing done...going to have to consolidate as both my bags right now are overweight. I talked to the missionaries today and they were heading out to San Pedro Sula to pick me up tomorrow. The river is down and crossable since they have not had rain in 2 days and it's not supposed to rain again until saturday.

So...will let you guys know when I get to the hospital. We are going to make the 3 hour drive from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba on friday and will stay in the city that night. I will do my grocery shopping in the city before going out to the hospital on saturday. I will post as soon as I can after I arrive at the hospital to let you all know I arrived safely. Thank you for your prayers already and in the weeks and months to come. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leaving Friday the 15th

I am leaving this friday the 15th of January. I will be busy this week getting last minute things together to leave in 5 days. I just heard today that the river between the hospital and the city is unpassable at the moment and there is supposed to be a storm moving in sometime this week. There will be one clear day but I am not sure if the missionaries will be able to make it to the airport to pick me up or not. I am hoping to not have to stay in the city for too long before going to the hospital. Who knows how long after I arrive that the river will be passable again. Please pray for safe travels.