Thursday, June 27, 2013

Please pray

Please pray for a little girl named Osiris (8years old) who Dr. Joel sent to Tegucigalpa yesterday. She has been inpatient at the hospital for 2 weeks and is just not getting better. Her bone marrow is not making cells like it should and so all her blood counts are down, her Hematocrit, her Platelets, and her White blood cells. Dr. Joel sent her to Tegucigalpa for a bone marrow biopsy to see if she has Leukemia which is what it looks like.
The family is not very well off financially. The dad works, when he finds work, for about $5 a day to feed a family of 7. The mom (Erlinda) is a christian and is really finding her joy in this time in the Lord. We were able to send them off yesterday with some money for the trip, some snacks, and most important with prayer. We had taken up a donation from the employees to help with their trip. I am always so proud of how generous our employees are when we do something like this. All the employees fell in love with her while she was here inpatient. I got a phone call from her mom last night at 10pm that they had arrived in Tegucigalpa and were waiting in the emergency waiting room to be called back.

We drew Osiris' blood first thing so they could leave for Teguc. She has to wear a mask to protect her from things other people could pass to her since her immune system is compromised.

She pulled the mask down really fast so I could get a picture of her face.
Please pray they would see the people that the need to.
Please pray they would find out what Osiris has and be able to treat it.
Please pray for continued faith and perseverance of mom Erlinda.
Please pray for the Lord's strength for Osiris for whatever treatments and procedures she has to endure.
Please pray for work for the father to be able to sustain his family in this time.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunday School classroom #2...done!!!

After a week and a half of construction on my Sunday school classroom, it was done and ready for use on Sunday. What an exciting thing to dedicate this classroom to the Lord for His use. We had a prayer and dedication Sunday morning before splitting for Sunday school. The kids were so excited to be in their new classroom.
Some of the kids from Children's Center checking out the new construction with me.  :)

Prayer of dedication

First Sunday School class in new classroom.
I just have to say I am so in awe of God's faithfulness. He is sooo GOOD! It seemed impossible to build these new classrooms. We had spent a lot of the offering to put the tile in the church, so didn't have much. These classrooms were going to cost about $600 each. That's more than we have in the offering. That's a lot of money, Lord. How is this ever going to happen. We worked together as a body doing activities: raffles, selling baked goods, yard sale, etc in order to raise the funds. Wow, I am so in awe of God's awesomeness. We were able to build 2 classrooms in less than 3 months.

This week, a team from the states will smooth out the cement walls and columns. Next week, they will paint it, so that it is pretty. They will also pour a cement floor in the 3 Sunday school classroom that doesn't need to be rebuilt. This will finish the project of rebuilding the Sunday school classrooms that we have worked so hard for over the last several months. I will re-post pictures of them painted sometime next week.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I was honored to host the first HM meeting of the year in my home on Tuesday. HM stands for Honduras al Mundo-a program for sending Hondurans to the nations as missionaries. HM partners with Frontiers Missions, based out of Mexico; they specialize in sending missionaries from Central and South America to the Muslim world. We had a guest speaker, Elisa, who is from Costa Rica and was in Asia with a ministry team working with Muslims for 11 years. She now works for Frontiers Missions sending missionaries out in teams into the Muslim world.

Elisa sharing about her life and time in Asia

Carla, who went to Mauritania was there also. We started a little late, so we didn't get to hear from her. We were able to begin to plan the next event which is Adventura Missionera (Missionary Adventure). The kids (we do it at a school) get to go around the world to different countries in one day and learn about Christians in different cultures. We should have another meeting soon to continue planning.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yard Sale

Yard sales are not very common here, but very appreciated. The Hondurans love the idea...even though it is an idea we Americans brought in. They love to get a good deal just like us, but most things here are very expensive...clothes, shoes, towels, kitchen stuff, tools, etc. We decided to do a yard sale (last Saturday) at the church as a fund raiser for the construction of the new Sunday school classrooms at the church. 

setting up for the yard sale.

We also sold pastelitos (ground beef fried pockets of goodness) and horchata (Honduran rice drink). We didn't sell it all at the sale, so I went with the youth to sell the rest of the pastelitos in one of the local villages. We sold most and then just split up the rest.

Getting ready to go selling.
Selling in the streets

Selling stuff in the streets was a first for me. Sometime people will make breads or torillas or tamales, etc to sell to make money for themselves. We had a very successful sale and made about $450, which is absolutely amazing. The classroom will cost about $600, so we are so close that construction started yesterday. The second classroom being rebuilt is mine. :)