Thursday, June 27, 2013

Please pray

Please pray for a little girl named Osiris (8years old) who Dr. Joel sent to Tegucigalpa yesterday. She has been inpatient at the hospital for 2 weeks and is just not getting better. Her bone marrow is not making cells like it should and so all her blood counts are down, her Hematocrit, her Platelets, and her White blood cells. Dr. Joel sent her to Tegucigalpa for a bone marrow biopsy to see if she has Leukemia which is what it looks like.
The family is not very well off financially. The dad works, when he finds work, for about $5 a day to feed a family of 7. The mom (Erlinda) is a christian and is really finding her joy in this time in the Lord. We were able to send them off yesterday with some money for the trip, some snacks, and most important with prayer. We had taken up a donation from the employees to help with their trip. I am always so proud of how generous our employees are when we do something like this. All the employees fell in love with her while she was here inpatient. I got a phone call from her mom last night at 10pm that they had arrived in Tegucigalpa and were waiting in the emergency waiting room to be called back.

We drew Osiris' blood first thing so they could leave for Teguc. She has to wear a mask to protect her from things other people could pass to her since her immune system is compromised.

She pulled the mask down really fast so I could get a picture of her face.
Please pray they would see the people that the need to.
Please pray they would find out what Osiris has and be able to treat it.
Please pray for continued faith and perseverance of mom Erlinda.
Please pray for the Lord's strength for Osiris for whatever treatments and procedures she has to endure.
Please pray for work for the father to be able to sustain his family in this time.

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