Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wow...has it really been a month?

So...just realizing that it's been a month since I posted to my blog. Lots of things have been happening to keep me busy.
Sydney left about 2 weeks ago now after a wonderful 7 weeks in the lab with us and living at the house with me. It was a blessing to have her. She helped cover 2 employee vacations.
Osiris, remember the little girl I asked for prayer for, well, she came back to visit with her mom. They came from Tegucigalpa for 5 days and came to visit us at the hospital about 2 weeks ago. Heather made her a cake and we celebrated her. She is doing well, weak at times, but taking the Chemo treatment well. Doctors seem to think she is responding well, according to mom, Erlinda. We took up another donation for them and were able to send them off again with just under $100...amazing. We have very generous employees. We also brought Osiris' two younger siblings to the Children's center here where they can be better cared for during their time in Tegucigalpa...they are very sweet kids.
Heather and Osiris enjoying the butterfly shapped cake Heather made for her.

Osiris and I the day she came to visit
Last week I was honored to be the madrina (godmother) for one of my employees daughter at her kindergarten graduation. They were the second class of kindergartners to graduate from the El Camino Bilingual School (the school that part of the hospital ministry). It was a wonderful celebration with lots of great food! Can't celebrate anything in Honduras without food. :)

2nd Graduating class of El Camino

Rosa and I after she received her diploma.

Rosa with her mom, Sandy

For the next month, I will be translating at church every Sunday. A missionary's mom who is visiting is teaching our adult Sunday school class for 5 weeks. We started today, and I think it went pretty well. We had one lady come to Christ. I am so amazed at the work of the Holy Spirit that works through language barriers and poor translators to bring people to Christ. It's amazing. God is so good! I asked Lucy to come and pray with her and pray for her. Her name is Luicila. You can be praying for her and her growth in the Lord. Her husband, Rogelio came to Christ last Sunday. God is doing an amazing work despite difficulties we have had at the church lately.
Cindy teaching with me translating.

Luicila-a new daughter of the King!!! :)
Please pray for the message to be clear that Cindy is preaching out of Ephesians about our identity in Christ. Please pray for wisdom in translating and that the Holy Spirit would work despite my short-comings.