Sunday, June 16, 2013


I was honored to host the first HM meeting of the year in my home on Tuesday. HM stands for Honduras al Mundo-a program for sending Hondurans to the nations as missionaries. HM partners with Frontiers Missions, based out of Mexico; they specialize in sending missionaries from Central and South America to the Muslim world. We had a guest speaker, Elisa, who is from Costa Rica and was in Asia with a ministry team working with Muslims for 11 years. She now works for Frontiers Missions sending missionaries out in teams into the Muslim world.

Elisa sharing about her life and time in Asia

Carla, who went to Mauritania was there also. We started a little late, so we didn't get to hear from her. We were able to begin to plan the next event which is Adventura Missionera (Missionary Adventure). The kids (we do it at a school) get to go around the world to different countries in one day and learn about Christians in different cultures. We should have another meeting soon to continue planning.

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