Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yard Sale

Yard sales are not very common here, but very appreciated. The Hondurans love the idea...even though it is an idea we Americans brought in. They love to get a good deal just like us, but most things here are very expensive...clothes, shoes, towels, kitchen stuff, tools, etc. We decided to do a yard sale (last Saturday) at the church as a fund raiser for the construction of the new Sunday school classrooms at the church. 

setting up for the yard sale.

We also sold pastelitos (ground beef fried pockets of goodness) and horchata (Honduran rice drink). We didn't sell it all at the sale, so I went with the youth to sell the rest of the pastelitos in one of the local villages. We sold most and then just split up the rest.

Getting ready to go selling.
Selling in the streets

Selling stuff in the streets was a first for me. Sometime people will make breads or torillas or tamales, etc to sell to make money for themselves. We had a very successful sale and made about $450, which is absolutely amazing. The classroom will cost about $600, so we are so close that construction started yesterday. The second classroom being rebuilt is mine. :)

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