Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have arrived!

I arrived at the hospital today after flying in yesterday afternoon. We drove 3 hours from San Pedro Sula (airport I flew into) into La Ceiba last night and stayed at a hotel in the city overnight. After my inital grocery shopping and looking at a motorcycle, I made it out to the hospital earlier this afternoon. After a restless night sleep in the noisy city I am so glad to be out here where it's quite and the only thing that will wake me up is the monkeys and the geckos.

I am trying to readjust to living life in Honduras as it is totally different than the states. I have to remember to throw my toilet paper in the trash...I have to remember to not drink or brush my teeth with the water anywhere but at the hospital...and I am still trying to get used to the bugs...bugs, bugs everywhere! Not to mention the language and totally different culture.

When I arrived in my room, I had to rearrange some furniture to make it more livable. I didnt have a dresser or any hangers for the closet, so couldnt really unpack this afternoon, but had dinner with the Lent family (went to training in KY with them back in August) tonight and they were such a blessing. They gave me hangers to hang stuff and something to hang in the closet I could fold and organize clothes on. I am hoping to get some kind of shelving in my closet this week, whether free standing or built in. I have not doubt they will take care of me. to do some more unpacking then bed and church in am.

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