Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's day

Mother's Day we celebrated at the church with prayer for the moms and little goodie bags. They were also invited back to a dinner that night at the church. The kids made cards in Sunday school to give to their moms. We had about 23 moms for Mother's Day this year...which is about double the normal attendance.
Lilian who made a card for her mom.

Doli...received various cards from her daughters after Sunday School.
I spent Mother's day split between Calix's family (lunch) and my Honduran family (dinner). I helped make tortillas for the big barbecue that they were having that night for dinner. With 20lbs of meet from the cow they slaughter and 6lbs of maseca for was quite the feast. Was a joy to spend that time with them.

Lindy and I with her nieces. 

My Honduran mom and sister.

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