Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finished projects

As a follow up to my May 2nd post:
The first of the 3 Sunday School rooms is finally done and in use. We had a small dedication on May 5th and immediately put it to use. This room is used for Sunday School, Women's Bible study on Monday afternoons, church meetings, and youth meetings. So, now 1 down and 3 to go. :) It cost us about $750 to build this one. We are starting to raise money for the other ones. We will have a church yard sale on June 1st to help raise money as well as doing other fundraisers.  If anyone wants to participate in the raising of funds for the other two...donations are welcome.
First classroom

Follow up to Nurses Station Addition:
The floor finally got put down today on the nurses station addition. After a month of the nurses working in the addition without flooring, they now have it as of today.  Mike finally found the time to do it with one of his guys. It looks great. The toilet I am sure will follow shortly. :)

Mike and Rene laying down the floor.

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