Monday, May 20, 2013

Planting and Celebrating

Well...still settling into my new house...trying to make it my own. I have planted banana trees that are just starting to grow...some are recent plants and others I planted shortly after I moved in. I am excited that within about 9 months I will have my own fresh bananas.
Couple weeks old

About 2 months old

The other day I brought clippings from rose bushes at the hospital home to plant in pots to then transplant later. When I arrived 7 boys from the children's home met me on my porch. They helped me plant the flowers, but told me that I was going to have to water them...they know I never give water to the porch plants I have now that were left by the previous family. It made me laugh. Then we shared a papaya I had ripening on the front porch.

Hopefully one day these will produce beautiful pink roses

Today we celebrated birthdays. My birthday is the day after Veronica's, so we celebrated today together. The lab employees had a cake ordered and made for us. It was special. We got this picture before Veronica broke down and cried. She is very emotional now after the death of her husband several months back. I went with Calix to visit her yesterday and bring her some birthday brownies. She was telling us all the stuff her husband used to do to help her that now she
 is left by herself to do. She had some men from the church help her change the roof (thatched roof) on her house yesterday, so her house was a mess when we arrived. It was a privilege to help her clean just a little. (She wouldn't let us help too much.) Please continue to pray for her healing.

Veronica and I about to cut our cake.

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