Thursday, January 2, 2014

Visit with Osiris

Last Thursday I went to visit little Osiris during their 2 week vacation for Christmas. It was the day after Christmas and I wanted to bring them their little Christmas presents and see them one more time before they headed back to the capital of Tegucigalpa. I went with my friend Deyni, a medical student, who is studying in Tegucigalpa and met them there. We played, chatted, and prayed with the family.
Osiris in her princess dress that she went and put on specifically to show me. :)

Osiris with little sister, Dilcia, and little brother Hilber.

Osiris has more stuff animals than she has had in her life...she
decided to show them all to me by piling them up in my arms.

My dear friend Deyni and I. Osiris took our picture. :)

Osiris' family.
It's amazing to see how this family has grown. There is so much joy. There are lots of toys. There is lots of love.  As a family of 7 (one not pictured), with only the father working when he finds work, this father has struggled to provide for his family. Deyni said to me when we left their house, "What if God just wanted to use this experience to bless them? They are stronger, they are more loving, and closer to the Lord. The kids also have more toys now then they have ever had in their entire lives. There was a sack full of toys and stuffed animals. Even the kids know they have been blessed this year.

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