Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Adventures of rainy season

Yesterday I needed to get to town to submit my residency paperwork to the Immigration office before I leave for the states next week. Well, after rain all night, there were no buses passing, not many cars either. But, the Pirkles decided we were still going to try to go to town. I was thrilled because eventhough there was lots of rain, I really needed to submit my paperwork. We stopped about halfway to the paved road where there usually is no water...and this is what we came to.
Dr. Vance trying the water to see how deep and strong the current is.
We were not brave enough to try it until 2 other cars passed through. We waited at least half an hour.
Yeah! Once past this and another about a mile up, we were off!
So, got to town and got my paperwork submitted for residency. So, it's official. I am a Honduran Resident. Now just waiting on the card...which could take months with the new change in government this month.
My temporary paper showing I am a resident.
After hearing that another missionary turned around not being able to cross a river, we didn't think we were going to be able to get home either. Much to our delight, the river had gone down and was passable when we arrived. Home safe and sound and ready for the states next week with Residency paperwork in hand. God is so good!

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