Tuesday, February 18, 2014

6 week catch-up

I went to the states for the birth of my first nephew. He was born January 17th at 6:16am weighing 6lbs 11oz. I'm officially an AUNT. (I already had several prosthetic nieces and nephews) It was a joy to be there for his entrance into the world. He is growing so fast now and gaining weight and doing well. He just turned a month old and my sister just went back to work.

I got back to Home to Honduras 3 days later than expected because of a cancelled flight due to snow and ice. I came back to lots of visitors and new full time missionaries. There are so many people here right now, it is overwhelming to me. Came back to the change in clinic schedule the following week and lots of changes going on at the hospital. 
I got to give out school supplies that Word of God Lutheran Church donated for the kids at the church. It was a fun surprise for all of them and a great help to those families who have several kids in school and can't afford all the supplies.
Giving out school supplies to my Sunday School class

This past weekend we had the directors from Christians in Action Latin America here from Guatemala for a visit at the church. We had a very busy weekend with a couples teaching on Valentine's day, a church leaders meeting on Saturday and a celebration church service with several other churches we had invited, then a business meeting on Sunday afternoon after church. All great things, but not always the most fun. I have been elected the superintendent of Sunday School and will have more responsibility now with Sunday school. I love the kids at the church and am honored to have this responsibility of their learning.

We are starting to do more fundraisers at the church to raise money for several projects, including the water project (dug well with pump to a water tank, then into the church), a shed for storing supplies, and another Sunday School classroom. There are other things we would also like to do, but these are top priority right now. 

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