Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nurses station addition

Over the next month, I will do several updates on the nurses station addition to Hospital Loma de Luz. I have a team coming down on April 6th from Word of God Lutheran Church in Peachtree city, Ga. They have generously provided the hospital with the finances in order to make this building project a reality.
Our current nurses station

As you can see our current nurses station is small, but adequate. The addition being built on right through those windows will provide a break room for our nurses. Right now, the nurses have to go about halfway across the hospital to eat lunches, heat up meals for patients, heat up bottles for babies, etc. Having this break room built on, will give them much closer access to their patients when there are critical patients on the floor. They will not have to leave them to go use the microwave and can be close at hand. It is a huge blessing to our nurses and to our patients that this vision is finally coming to fruition. 
Day 2 of construction
Construction was started yesterday, March 4th, with one month of building before the team arrives.

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  1. How very exciting:) We can't wait to be there!