Monday, March 25, 2013

Boda (Wedding)

Weddings are a rarity here in Honduras and very special when they are celebrated. We celebrated a wedding Saturday night at church for a couple (Herminio and Dinora)in their 50's who finally got married after more than 20 years together and 7 children. I came back a day early from Guatemala to be here for the wedding. It was a special day and built the community of the body as we all chipped in to help make that day special with decorations, food, cake making, serving, etc.

Hermino's sister, Catalina walking him to his chair up front

The lovely couple
Herminio and Dinora

The church got pretty full and we actually ran out of plates.

Accepting vows
two of Dinora's children (Raul and Bessy) walked her down the aisle
Their story is a great one! They raised their children Catholic and after Raul(pictured above) was born again, his father was so angry with him and so disappointed. After about a year of witness by their children who one after the other kept coming to Christ, He finally came to know the Lord as His Savior. Dinora was a few months following. This was last year. They finally got married Saturday in obedience to the Lord and will both be baptized next weekend. The churches here do not allow people to be members of the churches if they are not legally married and are just living together. So, after the baptisms next weekend, we will have 2 new actively participating members of the church. What a joy and a blessing it is to be a part of the work God is doing!!! :)

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