Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guatemala visa trip

Antigua procession for Semana Santa (Holy week)
Took a trip to Guatemala to visit Norma, a missionary friend in Guatemala who used to be here at the  hospital. She left for Guatemala in July of last year. I had to leave the country for a visa trip...I have to leave every 90 days since I don't have residency here in Honduras. I had a very enjoyable visit with her. We were able to go to the famous Antigua and Panajachel (at lake Atitlan).

It was neat to see Antigua in their processions of Lent. Antigua is a very catholic town and these processions are very well know. They march every weekend of lent until Easter. They start by making these beautiful sawdust carpets. Some are made with flowers, rice, wheat, grass, sawdust, etc. No one is allowed to touch them until the procession comes through. In participating in this procession, it is part of their earning their way into heaven.

Lake Atitlan was beautiful. It is surrounded by several volcanoes and 12 villages that have the names of the 12 apostles. We took a boat ride over to the other side of the lake to see another village. It was kind of foggy in the whole country because the farmers burn their fields in the weeks leading up to Semana santa.

Norma and I waiting for the boat to fill up so we could start the adventure to the other side.

Sunset from hotel roof

View of the mountains on the boat

Panajachel-view from the lake

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