Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Today was very blessed. I got up at 3:50am to start making preparations for our sunrise service at church. We started the service about 5:40am with prayer and praise. It was a cloudy day, so sadly we didn't get to see the sun rise. We finished up about 6:30 and a nice breakfast together as a congregation. We ate breakfast casserole, beans, fruit, juice and coffee. It was so much food that I couldn't eat it all. Then we had our regular service and finished up about 9:30am.
Everyone ready to start the service.

The hike up to the top.

Singing praises.
After church, I went home and made a squash casserole for Easter lunch before heading to the missionary church service. Wonderful sermon with wonderful music. Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Thankful for the life I have in Christ's resurrection.
Decorating a wooden cross with flowers...a missionary tradition here.

Beautiful finished product.
I had lunch with several of the single ladies who are here right now, some short term and some long term, and 2 of the Honduran girls from the girls home. It was a delightful lunch filled with good food and good fellowship. (sorry, forgot my camera, no pictures)
Then came back and watched the little ones from the children's center do an Easter egg hunt. They would find an egg and stop and eat the candy. They didn't get the concept that you are supposed to look for all you can find and then sit down and eat the candy. It was fun to watch. 

If you didn't get candy, you got a little tiny toy chick. :)

showing off her candy.

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