Thursday, March 27, 2014

Osiris Update

Osiris came for a visit today and got to see her little brother and sister also (living at children's center). They came to the hospital first, then we took them down to the children's center.
Osiris was so thrilled to show us how famous she is. She is the new model for the Honduran children's cancer foundation. You can see her at She is also going to be in a commercial for the cancer foundation too. Her treatment is coming along well and the doctors say she is responding well. I asked her mom, Erlinda, how many units of blood and platelets she has received. She has gotten 14 units of blood and 16 units of platelets. She is starting to grow again and actually looks stronger and healthier. 
Osiris showing us on the internet her famous picture.

She had to show all the docs too. ;)
Then we went down to the children's center and had a grand reunion with little brother and sister.

Huge hugs!

Mom and baby Dilcia

Hilber, Dilcia, and Osiris

Osiris had to go visit everyone. After being inpatient for 2 weeks and being very sick for such a long time, she knows just about all of the employees.
Visiting nurses and Tomas in the Emergency Room

Me and Osiris

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