Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lab update

I got back from the states on February 2nd to start back to work in the hospital on February 3rd. One of my good employees, Ruth, left the hospital without notice the friday I got back. She had found another job in Balfate that pays more and is closer to her house. One of my other employees Veronica left for vacation the same day leaving only myself and Irina working in the lab for two weeks. We have made it through the two weeks with some help from some wonderful visitors who have helped us with secretarial type stuff. I will start interviewing this week to find a new employee and hopefully will have one sooner rather than later. Please pray for wisdom as I do interviews this week and select a new employee. We hire people with no experience with the lab making it hard to find someone that would be a good candidate. Lab is so detail oriented and math based and they are not culturally any of that.
I will post pictures later of my new Honduran house and family.
Thanks for your prayers! :)

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