Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catch up!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted…a lot has happened, so this is only a recap. I went to the states in early October and was there for a little over 2 weeks. I was able to spend some good time with family and friends and really enjoyed being there. I spoke at 2 different churches, one in Virginia and another in Peachtree City. I am still in the process of raising support to stay my second year here.

The day after I got back from the states, I moved out to San Luis and off the hospital grounds. I moved in with 2 other girls, Kristel (since has left to go back to the states) and Joelle to a house we decided to house sit out in the community. Joelle and I have wanted to move out to the community since we arrived, and just now have had the opportunity.

One week after arriving from the states, I had my moto accident. I didn’t realize that it had started to get dark earlier, and had Monday night bible study with the girls as I had before I left. I wrecked trying to get home afterwards on a dark, rainy night and was taken to the hospital. I arrived at the nurses station by myself, dripping wet, covered in mud, with a broken finger and blood dripping down my leg. I asked for the on call dr. through all the tears. They helped me out of my wet clothes and got me cleaned up. One of the nurses held my hand as Dr. Mckenney, our surgeon, shot me up with Lidocane to set my finger. I got my first cast ever that night. The X-rays the next day showed that my pinkie was broken and also my metacarpal bone of my hand with what they call a boxer’s fracture. My cast said you should see the other guy…I really beat those horses up good! I am on my 4th cast and get it off on Friday!!!! I am stoked!!!

So, the rainy season has started. Right after I got back from the states we had a lot of rain that washed out the approach to the bridge in Lis Lis and wasn’t passable for about 24 hours. Then we had beautiful weather again for about 3 weeks and I was wondering about this thing they call rainy season. Well, the rains have started. It has been raining almost steadily since last Thursday. The road is starting to get really slick and the approach to the bridge is almost gone. We will see how and when they start to repair it. Planning to go to La Ceiba this Saturday...we will see if able to get across.

Joelle and I decorated a borrowed Christmas tree with paper and playdoh. We had so much fun! I just bought lights to go on it…and it looks so cute!!!! We decorated the lab for Christmas as well.

It’s been interesting to learn how the Hondurans celebrate Christmas. They typically go to church on Christmas Eve, then stay up all night eating and hanging out with family and friends. They may get a new shirt or a new outfit, but they definitely do not have the commercialized Christmas we have in the states.

Well hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

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