Friday, September 12, 2014

Rat trap...or not

I was awakened this morning at 4:30am with noise coming from outside of my room. The power was out last night, so I had left more windows open than usual, so I thought about what could be happening...maybe someone stealing stuff through the window, maybe a gecko or cockroach stuck in something. I didn't leave anything of value by the windows, but got up with my flashlight to check and see what it might be.
Then, I see it...the's a chunky brown mouse in my kitchen. He was perched up on my red spatula, just staring right back at me with his beady little eyes. We had a stare down for a minute. Man he was a loud mouse...moving all kinds of things around in the kitchen...enough to wake me up. So I turn on the light...and that kind of startles him. Then go to get the machete...because that's what all the Hondurans I decided that was what I was going to do too.
So I get back and he finally crawls down off of my red spatula and is by the soap and...WHACK!!! with the machete. WHACK!!! again by the kitchen utensils. WHACK!!! again by the drain board. WHACK!!! again on the stove. WHACK!!! again behind the stove. Then, he's gone into the stove.
I then tried to go back to sleep...yeah right after just trying to kill a mouse. I thought I should have trapped him, not tried to kill him. It's pretty obvious that I don't have any kind of accuracy!
So, then I got this ingenious idea to get back up out of bed and turn on the stove to see if I could force him out with the heat...well he never came out. So, maybe I cooked him and will have dead mouse smell in my house until I can find someone to take apart my stove and get him out. Or maybe he is not dead and just withstood the heat and will need traps to catch him. Only time will tell, but I will ask someone for mouse traps today!
Plate that was in my sink that took the blow of the machete instead of the mouse.

The wall beside the stove that took the blow instead of the mouse.
Sorry...didn't get any pictures of the fat little brown mouse...just my missed machete markings.

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