Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yard sale = new Sunday School classroom

Last year our church had a yard sale and made over $500 and was able to build a new Sunday school classroom. This year, we didn't have as much stuff, but we did another yard sale. We made about $275 and added it to the money from other activities and had enough to build our 3rd classroom.
Trying stuff on to see if it fits!

Yard sale...several tables of good stuff.

Because we made enough money in the yard sale, a week later, we started building the 3rd Sunday school classroom. I love to see our church get together to do a project and accomplish big things. These are people who don't have lots of money. But they have seen when we do activities to raise funds, we can make the money to do the projects that we want to accomplish.

About 10 guys from the surrounding communities helping us build.

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