Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Honduran Elections

Many of you have heard about the Honduran elections and wonder what is going on down here. Well, there was lots of military personnel and police presence even in the rural areas such as here on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, many of the local churches spent in prayer and fasting for the elections on Sunday. Sunday, it was forbidden to have meetings before 5pm, so we moved church to the evening. Most people just recommended not going out of your house. (We didn't even make it to church Sunday evening...it rained and the river flooded and was impassable.)
So, the candidates for the elections were some interesting characters. The Libre (Free) party was created by the EX-President's (Mel Zelaya-who was thrown out in 2009) wife named Xiomara. Yes, his wife was running for president! Which meant, he was pretty much running again but through his wife. They are very much wanting a dictatorship and was the issue why he was thrown out. They go along the lines of communism and socialism, very much involved with Hugo Chavez when he was alive. What the uneducated here don't understand is that this is not freedom, but bondage. I was praying that either one of the other candidates would win. This became a very strong party here with lots of support and the final election was very close between her and the winner. Some still think it was fraud.
The other candidate that was big was for the Nationalist party, the more conservative party. He is actually the one that won. His name is Juan Orlando and will be the next President of Honduras. Some think this is the safest thing for the country right now, some think it's the worst thing for the country. God knows best! One of the things he has already done, many Hondurans don't like. He created new hourly work contracts here, which means that Hondurans now can work for a company part time making less money than they were before. After the minimum wage was almost doubled 2 years ago, this has created a way to keep employees.  In the states, we are used to working hourly and this is nothing new. The Hondurans though think that their rights have been taken away. So, this is the new president and some are not happy.
The other that was in the running was Villeda for the liberal party. He did get some votes, but not like the others. Don't know much about him and what he stands for, just know he is part of the liberal party.
So, yes this was a very pivotal election in Honduras. There was rumor of communism, socialism, riots, uproars, fighting, even possible intercountry war. I think because of this, God's people came together and prayed and God heard their prayers. People say that even if things are investigated that the results can't change now. There has been fear of the Libre party upraising and creating problems. Up until now, there is nothing really different.
Thank you for all your prayers.

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