Sunday, July 14, 2013

God's graciousness

Wow, what an exciting weekend it has been. Friday night we had a wedding at the church for a young couple that just came to know the Lord about 3 months ago. They were not content living together anymore without being formally of the great works of the Holy Spirit. It is a privilege as a church to get behind couples and help them be obedient to the Lord by committing to one another in marriage. God is so gracious.

Marvin and Maria waiting to hear husband and wife.

Praying for their marriage.

me with the bride and groom.

Yesterday we had the second annual Hospital Loma de Luz road race. It was to benefit the indigent fund here at the hospital. This is a matching fund that helps our really poor patients with their hospital bills. It was lots of fun. We had 28 people sign up to run. It's fun to see the Hondurans run since it is not very cultural.

A few racing toward the finish line. :)

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