Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter was a good day, but is not celebrated here like in the states. Most churches here do not celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus like we do. When the evangelical churches came to this area, they wanted to get away from everything Catholic, which meant, all the christian holidays and celebrations too.  However, our church, probably the only one, did celebrate with a sunrise service and baptisms because of the strong missionary influence.
About half of the semi-circle.
We had about 25 people show up for the 5:30am sunrise service. It was a joy to worship as a body as the sun was coming up.

Later that day as part of our normal church service, we had baptisms. Three people were ready to get baptized and what better day than Resurrection Sunday. What a neat picture of grace. God raises us with Christ when we come to Him. What a picture baptism is of dying to self and being raised with Christ to new life. Great day to celebrate baptisms.

The 3 about to be baptized.

Them with their families.
Herminio-the husband of the couple that was married last weekend

Dinora-the wife of the couple that was married last weekend.

Jennifer-2nd oldest daughter of a couple in the church, Doli and Jose

Rigo, Dinora, Herminio, Jennifer, and Anael after baptisms.

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