Friday, September 14, 2012

Month's worth of update

church picnic
About a month ago, we had a church picnic. Everyone helped cook the beef and chicken for the barbarq. The kids played several games of futbol, tag and frisbee waiting on the food to be done. It was an enjoyable time getting to know people better. We always find when we do stuff together like that, the members of the church work together so well and grow closer as a body.

Game to win a Bible, took about 15 mins
 to put together a 25 piece kids puzzle

We went up the mountain about two weeks ago to a village called Las Balles. There is no established evangelical church there and the youth group from our church have gone up a couple of times to evangelize. I went up one day with the youth group to do a service in the school. We went up by car because walking is about 3-4 hours. Anael, a young man in the church, has gotten 80 Proclaimers donated from the Bible Society in La Ceiba. This was our first time taking the Proclaimers up to the mountains. The mountain people are very uneducated and many cannot read. Proclaimers is the recorded Word of God that they can listen to. They were super excited about it.

Anael sharing about the Proclaimers
I just got back on Monday night from a Christians in Action Conference in San Salvador, El Salvador. Christians in Action International has a conference once a year for Latin American church leaders. I went with two other leaders from the church, Anael and Jose. It was about a 15 hour journey on the bus. I had a few problems getting into El Salvador because of arriving by plane and leaving the country by bus. God is sovereign and He gave me grace with immigration and I was able to attend the conference.

Us with leaders of the conference
We had 2 days of lectures and then church on Sunday. Sunday afternoon we went to the mountains with a small group from San Salvador that has a ministry about and hour and a half from the city. They go up once a week to share Jesus with a small community. It was a blessing to see their ministry. It was a blessing to get to know some of our brothers and sisters in Christ that are serving in Guatemala and El Salvador.
Ministry in the mountains

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