Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's been a long time.

It's been a long time since I have posted here on my blog. Sorry to those of you who have wanted to read updates.
This week is Semana Santa here in Honduras and Central America. The week before Easter is called Holy week, however is not very holy at all. Most people use the week of vacation to visit family and go to the beach along with all the worldly stuff that goes along with that. The hospital is closed Wed, Thurs, and Fri this week for the Semana Santa holiday.
Eventhough the hospital is closed today, there were surgeries scheduled, so I am here anyway. I just got finished helping give a blood transfusion with 20ml syringes in surgery. They couldn't get the back to work and the blood to infuse, so we punctured the bag and gave her about 20 syringes full of blood. This is her second unit today and we had to get it in her. We don't waste blood around here if we can help it.
Please pray for the young lady in surgery (still in surgery as I write this). She is 22 years old with 5 kids and has a very aggressive ovarian cancer. She was operated on 2 months ago and was supposed to start Chemotheropy (donated by a very generous person in the states) last week. Her tumor came back within 2 months and more than doubled in size in 3 weeks time. Please pray for healing. Please pray for wisdom in councling this young couple.
I hope that you have a blessed Semana Santa. Happy Easter. He is Risen. :)

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