Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Please pray against discouragement

Please pray against discouragement, our missionaries are really under attack from the enemy. We have had a lot of missionaries sick lately...some who are in the states and are delayed coming back and some who went back because of sickness.
As of tomorrow we will have 1 doctor here at the hospital and a midwife. Thankfully the midwife takes call too. For about the last 6 weeks there have been only 2 docs out of 8 and as of tomorrow we will be down to one. Please pray for Dr. Joel Tumlison as he is tired and worn out already and starting tomorrow will be by himself for the next three days or so until another doctor comes in from the states on Saturday. On top of being by himself, it has been a really rough week. We have had several serious emergencies which two of resulted in the patients passing away. So, in the last three days, we have had two deaths and some really sick patients. Please pray for the family of Suyapa (a lady who works at our childrens center) whose brother died on Monday from some kind of toxic chemical (they think) that left him in severe respiratory distress. Please also pray for a family that brought a little 14 month old girl in who they thought had fainted and wasn't responding. She was not breathing on arrival and they were not able to revive her as it took them half an hour to arrive at the hospital. After hearing of what was going on I ran to get one of the paramedics to help as they were doing chest compressions and no one had arrived yet except the doc and a nurse or two. I ran back to the lab and began to pray with the girls in the lab. I don't know why sometimes God chooses not to answer our prayers. I don't know why God did not revive this little child. I don't know why God does what He does...but I know He is good...and I cling to that! Life is not easy, it is hard...but God is there to get us through until tomorrow and the next day and the rest of our lives.

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