Thursday, September 24, 2009

Please pray for Honduras! I don't know if you have been following the news, but the ousted president of Honduras came back into the country on Monday and is camping out at the Brazilian embassy. There has been a curfew in the country for the last two days where no one is really allowed out of their homes and out on the streets. There have been many buisnesses shutdown as well as the airports and the borders. No one really knows when the curfew will be completely lifted. Today it was lifted for about 6 hours and people went to town to buy food. The tiendas and supermarkets are going to be out of food soon as the deliveries cannot be made if the curfew is not lifted soon. I just read tonight that already the curfew has cost the Honduran economy around $50million.

Please also pray for our country. Our president and government are backing the ousted president Zelaya who is a corrupt president. He wanted to change their constitution so he could stay in office for another term. He was ousted for wanting to go against and change their constitution. Now the U.S. , the UN and all of central america are backing Zelaya and saying they will not recognize any other president. The U.S. has already pulled visas from all the honduran congress and political leaders as well as millions of dollars in aid we send them yearly. The U.S. is wanting this small little country to change their democratic constitution to bring back a corrupt president and are putting all kinds of pressure on the Honduran government to do so. If they do not do what the U.S. says, they will loose lots of funding from us. They are fighting for their democracy! Please pray as they fight.

I am still in the process of raising support, and hope to leave by the end of October. Please continue to pray for my support and for God's timing in all of this. Please pray for God's direction with Honduras.

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