Friday, August 21, 2009


Still making preparations for moving to Honduras for the next year. I am living back at mom and dad's house after staying with a friend for a couple of weeks. My support is coming in just a little slower than I had hoped and I am sure that is due to the economy, so please pray for that. My house is up for rent and a few people have looked at it, but nothing seems to be promising yet. Please pray for good renters soon!

I will be working up until the time that I leave. It's about to get a little crazy because two people are leaving on second shift, but we will manage. I will probably be leaving shortly after them, but do not desire to leave them in a huge bind either.

I have gone to renew my passport because it was going to expire June of 2010. After talking to several people about entry requirements to Honduras, I figured it was better to renew early. Some countries will not let you into the country if you have less than 6 months left until your passport expires. Please pray that my passport comes fast and that there are no problems with the processing of it.

I am headed up to Kentucky the weekend of the 28th and 29th for a training with Cornerstone International. I am excited to be meeting the team that will be a huge prayer support while I am on the field. We will get to worship together Saturday night. I am riding up with the Lent family, a family that will be going to the hospital around the same time I am. They will be in language school for the first three months in the city and then will come out to the hospital. I am very excited to get to meet them and for us to be able to encourage one another as we are on the same journey right now.

Last week, we moved my sister moved to school. She is at ABAC down in Tifton and enjoying it so far. She is starting to build relationships down there with her roommates and classmates. She is going to be looking for a good church down there, so if anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Please keep me in your prayers, not just now, but over the next year or so as well!

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